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IOM Veterans

What are the Veteran’s championships?

Championships for the skipper aged 60 years or more. Sailing with an emphasis on mutual enjoyment, the unspoken word is that World Championships and National events are maybe for the younger age group.


But that’s not to say that the hotshots in the class cannot or do not go.



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How do they work?

The format is the same as for Ranking Events, but the pace is rated for the over 60’s allowing for any ailments that may be characteristic of the competitor profiles.

Generally, a two day event run along the lines of any other open meeting with prizes etc. for the best of the bunch, and the IOM Veteran Championship Cup for the winner.

Results are calculated using the Heat Management System.

Well supported with a fleet or two of 25 /35 skippers entering.


Why Enter?

To enjoy a couple of days of racing, fun and banter with like-minded people, what could be better?

This year is the Golden Jubilee event and warrants even more support – maybe even a celebration of resumption of racing.

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