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IOM GBR is the class owner group for IOM RC yachts in the UK. It represents the class to the IOM International Class Association (IOMICA) who manage the class globally on behalf of World Sailing.  This includes ensuring that IOM owners are able to propose and vote on proposed changes to class rules, including administration, to IOMICA.

Any MYA member with a registered IOM is automatically a member IOM GBR, further registration is no longer required.


IOMICA have responsibility for:

  • The World Championships

  • The European Championships

  • The IOMICA Annual General Meeting


More information on IOMICA can be found here

The International One Metre Radio Controlled Yacht

 “The first boat in my life that didn’t require a mooring, dinghy park space, launching trolley, foul weather gear or harbour dues and gives me two days sailing a week. Fantastic!”


To find a club nearby click: Here or send us an email from the Contact Us page if you can’t find what you are looking for.

Enthusiasm for the sport is addictive, many clubs have ‘guest’ days, some have loan boats, and all will welcome you to their community.


The IOM is a great boat to sail and its rules and measurement are relatively simply allowing the amateur and professional alike to exploit hull shape/fin/mast/ deck configuration - Steve Taylor


History of IOM RC Yachts

Created in 1988 by Jan Dejmo, the IOM class rules were written to enable boats to be built from scratch or kit by non-expert builders and inexpensively by a commercial builder without disadvantage to either group.

2020 Scottish Wooden IOM

or glass re-inforced composite with carbon fibre being allowed in the construction of the fin and rudder. 


Spars shall be of alloy or timber and the sails are to 'One Design' sizes, with the number of rigs is limited to three.

Hulls must be constructed of either wood as this beautiful example

Model boats on the lake 32.jpg

This makes  the class very popular for amateur builders and many designers have plans for competitive boats. There are a number of Builders here in UK and overseas,  who can supply plans for home completion, hulls and rigs or complete boats.


A limit of three different rig sizes allows sailing in most conditions from a lazy summer day to winds gusting over in excess of 30kts!

These boats, which handle beautifully, are fast, responsive and quite addictive. Once you have experienced  sailing one, there is no going back.

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