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What is The Nationals Event?

The IOM National Event is the 7th Ranking event, and for many, the highlight of the sailing season. Up to 84 skippers from all around the world come for three days of competitive and tight racing.

What are they

If you win the event you are awarded 100 points with each position awarded points pro-rata depending on the skippers finishing position at the event.


A skipper's best 4 events over a rolling 12 months gives your overall position on the ranking list.


Any member of the MYA can enter, you have no obligation

to sail in the other 6 ranking events during the year.

You may just enter just this event or any other ranking


If you fancy seeing how it all works, come along and spectate or better still volunteer to help out. Beware though...they can be addictive.

Overall, any skipper of any ability will make massive improvements in every department of their sailing by entering these races.   So stop just thinking about it and come and join us at one of the IOM events in 2021.


Graham Elliott

IOM GBR National Champions

2022 Brad Gibson - Castle Semple

2021 - Brad Gibson - Fleetwood

2020 - Not held due to Covid-19

2019 - Rob Walsh - Eastbourne

2018 - Rob Walsh - Fleetwood

2017 - Rob Walsh - Datchet Water

2016 - Brad Gibson - West Kirby

2015 - Rob Walsh - Lincoln

2014 - Tony Edwards - Datchet Water

2013 - Brad Gibson - Fleetwood

2012 - Peter Stollery - Two Islands

2011 - Brad Gibson - Eastbourne

2010 - Zvonko Jelacic - West Kirby

2009 - Brad Gibson - Eastbourne

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