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One Metre Class Boats

Since the IOM design was introduced in the late 1980s dozens of designs have been tried and tested throughout large and highly competitive fleets in Europe and Australasia. It's only recently that one or two designs have begun to dominate, although single design variety has really dominated.

The answer  lies in the quasi tolerant nature of the box rule and the relentless pace of development within tight class rule parameters.


Many boats designed between 2000 and 2010 are still very competitive at club level today. Some, like the Italko favour A rig conditions whereas a Lintel seems at its best with B or C rig.


Widgets, Topiko and Obsession are also handy boats as is the more recent Fraktal and Alternative which are all capable of a good turn of speed, have excellent pedigree and capable of challenging Britpops, Kantuns and V9s on a good day.


The IOM GBR is working over the next two years to catalogue European and Australasian designs such as MMX, Sedici, TNT, Atlas, Corbie to create a useful archive.


Two significant additional developments are running in parallel with the challenging catalogue task.


  • Devoting a webpage for building self made wooden or composite boats from plans, including comprehensive data on IOM designs and their key capabilities.

  • Developing a buyers guide advice for skippers who wish to enter the IOM world to experience the joy of sailing one of these rewarding boats.


Here is just a snap shot of boat designs.

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