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IOM Building

The recent lockdown both in the UK and around the globe has seen IOM skippers both old and new looking at ways to beat the lockdown blues.  Whilst there has been a lack of sailing, its pleasing to see those with time on their hands pimping, tuning and taking on that home build project.

The IOM class rules were devised with the home builder in mind with an all up weight that is not restrictive to those wishing to complete a home build with various construction methods yielding a competitive boat. In fact home build boats have and continue to be competitive at both club, district, national and international level.

For those looking at undertaking a home build project we would recommend reading the latest article on “choosing a design for home building” by Brad Gibson here. Further articles on making a plug can also be found on BG’s Top Tips page here.


Goosenecks in aluminum made on a home CNC milling machine including small ball bearings.

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