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IOM Nationals - Fleetwood 2013

The IOM Nationals brought a special breed of competitor, seemingly more cut-throat and aggressive in their sailing.  Some came far and wide but as the championship continued friendships off the water started to form. 

Looking at the top ten results familiar names and their yachts are listed.  One comment was made that we should change the title to a One Design Championship.  However the same winning design also came in 46th place.

If you take Brad, Martin, Rob, Peter and Graham they have all sailed more than one IOM design and achieved a top ten finish within the last 5 years. Also most of the top twenty skippers listed probably sail most of the time in regattas and ranking races. For some this is their work and not their pleasure like for the rest of us. Therefore, it proves they can sail any IOM design and get a performance out of it. For anyone buying their designs the individual still has the problem of trying to beat these talented skippers.

It comes down to self preparation, reliable equipment and time on the water competing at a level consistently to improve your own ability.

Finally it has to be said that both championship race officers and their staff, as well as the Fleetwood Club gave good value for money for skippers and their families both on and off the water.  A bench mark for future regatta’s to achieve.

Damien Ackroyd pictures can be found here:- Day 1  Day 2  Day 3

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