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March 2021 Newsletter 

In this month's newsletter there is information about the Veterans and National championship events, an appeal to sell unwanted boats to get more people into the hobby and the story of an inspirational youngster committed to building an IOM.

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February 2021 Newsletter 

In this newsletter, you will find the Latest information on the Castle Semple Ranking Events 1 & 2 along with the details of the new IOM new web site, and how it will be developing over the next few months.

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Veterans Golden Jubilee Championship - Change of dates

The dates planned for holding this event at Lincoln have been shifted from 15/16 May to 22/23 May.


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Sail number allocation for

IOM GBR Nationals

To see your sail number allocation for the IOM GBR Nationals at Fleetwood - click the image.


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IOM Nationals - August 2012

April 1st Updated Notice of Race


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Racing Rules of Sailing 2021 Changes affecting radio sailors

If you watched the America’s Cup, the message was clear: being able to get up to speed quickly within the rules gives an advantage.

To help, Greg Eaton, a national Judge, International Umpire and accomplished IOM skipper, has created a presentation explaining the rule changes affecting radio sailors.

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