It would be great to share the fun and games of IOM sailing

from around the country. Its easy for me to become South centric, and I want to be inclusive. So please if you have anything of amusement, interest and valuable top tips, send them to me at <> for publication here.

I look forward to recieving the words, video clips, images, to publish - as they use to say in the film industry - I may be able to make you famous :)

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Updated: Dec 28, 2021

A great day's sailing, the rain held off, (mostly) and the wind was playing its normal Lakeside games. Everyone was on B rigs with the inevitable calm spots and then gusts causing diving.

5 Eastleigh sailors were joined by 4 from Emsworth who arrived with some very impressive boats, however I think they all found our lake very challenging. We managed 9 heats over a triangular course and thankfully weed was not a problem today. A couple suffered minor failures which were fixed at the lakeside without loss of overall points.

As a bit of fun, taking two discards into account Eastleigh scored 116 points and Emsworth 131. Using the low score system Eastleigh came out on top.

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