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With falling water levels due to the extended dry period this year coupled with some below waterline maintenance required on the reservoir, the Datchet race team have come to the inevitable conclusion that the venue will not be suitable for hosting a multi fleet event by the beginning of October. Other local venues have been ruled out as unsuitable due mainly to issues with weed and so the net has been cast wider to find a suitable, and willing venue to host these events.

An announcement about the status of the events will be made no later than Friday 2nd September.

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Birkenhead Radio Sailing & Power Club (BRS&PC) representatives met with West Kirby Sailing Club (WKSC) for a meeting, review the sailing & control areas available plus any impact ongoing work may have on the above Event.

WKSC have identified that accessibility to the water for launching and main control area is not affected by the work on the flood wall. No construction work is undertaken at the weekend and all construction areas are clearly cordoned off for members of the public and competitors. The promenade is unfortunately not accessible.

On balance, BRS&PC have therefore concluded that the event can and should continue to be held at WKSC as per the Notice of Race.

Important Event Notes:

As per the NoR, there will be no space to park competitors cars on the Apron (there will be some race officials cars parked there to separate the competitors seating and setup area from the general public). Access to the Apron will be controlled and there will be limited space to allow temporary parking on the short access road by the club boat park leading down to the slipway. Boats and equipment will need to be dropped off and the car parked on nearby roads (Banks Rd, Sandy Lane, Hilbre Rd & Macedonia Drive) which have no parking restrictions. The short access road has double yellow lines and some cars have recently been ticketed when left in this area for extended periods. If you are competing and have a mobility issue, please contact the event organiser Graham Elliott to discuss your options.

We have been advised that the outer walkway (and jetties) have been busier than normal over the summer due to the promenade being unavailable. Competitors should be aware that there may be a significant public presence on the path used as our main control area for this event. Further reminders and information will be given at the event briefings. Water should still be available for boat rinsing, but will now be approximately 100m from the Apron.

Unfortunately, unlike previous years there will be no space for overnight boat and equipment storage due to the reduced space in the WKSC boat park.

Peter Baldwin

Event RO on behalf of BRS&PC

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