National Events

For those skippers who don’t know what a National Event is, you are not alone. So, read on:-


What is The National Event?

The IOM National Event is for many, the highlight of the sailing season, with up to 84 skippers from all around the world entering and racing over 3 days of competitive and tight racing.

A keystone of the racing  events calendar, it takes place over  three days, and counts as the 7th event in the ranking series.

If you win the event you are awarded 100 points with each position awarded points pro-rata depending on the skippers finishing position at the event. A skipper's best 4 events over a rolling 12 months gives your overall position on the ranking list.


Any member of the MYA can enter, you have no obligation to sail in the other 6 ranking events during the year.

You may just enter just this event or any other ranking event if you fancy seeing how it all works and what all the fuss is about, but beware though...they can be addictive.

Why you should enter?

If you have never experienced racing at this level and fancy seeing how well you can do, seize the moment and find out.  This year the nationals will be hosted by Fleetwood MY&PBC  so you are guaranteed a great social time – their hospitality is legendary.


Nationals – 28th-30th August – Fleetwood.

A fantastic man made lake, Located 30 mins North of Blackpool. Host of many World Championships, with plenty of accommodation available within 10 minutes of the lake. Some great pubs and restaurants nearby and. known for its windy conditions and social activities.

If you are worried because  you feel “ I do not want to be a nuisance on the water to the top guys” don’t. There is plenty of help support and advice around to put you at ease.

Sailing takes place in fleets and you will be sailing in the fleet of skippers with equal ability.  It would be impossible to have up to 90 odd boats on the start line!

What you can expect?

  • To make new friends, and most likely meet up with old friends as well.

  • To find everyone is friendly and helpful to any new skippers.

  • Learn a lot, and improve your skills and experience the excitement of sailing in a new location.

  • Share the excitement back at your local club and return next year wanting more.

How you can enter

The Notice of Race is published from the 1st January each year.   Entries from GBR are given priority, while oversea competitors are offered spaces if available.  The Notice of Race is worth a read giving you all the information you need for a successful event.  To join the fun, go to the Events page.

Event timetable

On the weekend of the race you will  ‘check in’....  a simple process of showing your certificates.  You may be asked to weigh your boat in a certain rig.


On the morning of the event and after ‘check in’, you should plan to spend time sailing around the course before all boats are asked to leave the water for the briefing.


it is very important to listen carefully to the important information given in the briefing.  There will be a fleet board available to check which fleet you will be sailing in.  Keep your eye on this fleet board throughout the day as you may be allocated to a different fleet.


After sailing, it is not unusual to go for a pint and a de-brief with friends, chat about the, ‘if only’, ‘did you see’ and ‘what if’s’ of the days sailing.

Overall, any skipper of any ability will make massive improvements in every department of their sailing by entering these races.   So stop just thinking about it and come and join us at one of the IOM events in 2021.


Graham Elliott


Results 1990 - 2020

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Note: No National Championship was held in 2020 due to Covid-19